~~ No Fancy Equipment…Just Passion ~~

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I have a love for photography which may be inherent, but it was encouraged (albeit mostly indirectly) by my parents.  My father was a professional photographer and that’s how he and my mother met.  They worked in the same office in Japan; my mom was an accountant and part-time amateur model for the photographers, one of whom was my dad.  Interestingly, I’ve had some of their old photos displayed in my home for many years – the photos she took are almost all better than the photos he took.  😉  I eventually learned that my mom was into the art of photography, though for my dad it was often a more work-related activity rather than a passion.

Anyway, one day I was lucky enough to meet and then adopt a magnificent cat whom the camera lens fell in love with, almost as much as I did.  His name was Daemon…you will see a lot of him on this blog.  He was incredibly patient while I took hundreds of photos of him with the lens an inch or two from his face.  Alas, my previously repressed passion morphed into something of an obsession.  You see, prior to Daemon, for quite a few years I just took simple snapshots with point-and-shoots rather than doing much with my 35mm SLR because having rolls and rolls of film developed had become impossible financially.  Not to mention, my vision really went downhill and I could no longer focus through the viewfinder.  No matter, because the cost of digital cameras went down as the quality went up, and everything fell into place!

Some of the photos here are simple snapshots; some are the result of scans of 25-yr-old 110 Instamatic prints with flash flare/washout, etc., and my “I’ll wing it” attempts at ‘fixing’ them, because early on I was using Paint Shop Pro and I have very little patience when I can’t find an answer, so I’d take the (very) long way around a problem.  Not much help was available online for PSP, but luckily (for millions of us) Photoshop Elements exists and there is an enormous amount of helpful info online.

Hopefully, as time goes on, my learning curve will be reflected.  All of the photos here are close to my heart for various reasons – most always because of the subjects.

I don’t use special lights or any equipment fancier than a tripod – it’s only for the passion, mainly because if I get wrapped up in The Equipment, I lose the “feel” which is what always guides me.  (I would like to use a polarizing filter, though.) In some ways I envy people who can work with the entire package and still produce beautiful, moving photos, while sustaining passion for the process.  By nature I’m overly analytical so I can’t do that and have to avoid those temptations – instead, I let the feel rule me.  A scene grabs me and I try to create a photo of the essence of what my mind “sees”.  I’m nowhere near articulate enough to explain that any better, so hopefully it makes sense and can give you a glimpse into  the drive and what the overall process is for me.

This is the camera I’m currently saving for and drooling over.  I could never afford a DSLR with necessary accoutrements, but even if I could I probably wouldn’t use it much – unless I had one lens that I could use for most things.  I still have my Canon AE1 with half a dozen lenses, but I primarily only used one or two.  Anyway, I love the affordability, constantly improving quality, user control, and ease of getting either a difficult or a quick and easy shot that comes with superzoom bridge cameras.  You see a squirrel on the back patio – seconds later you have pictures of squirrel at various zoom lengths and stuff!

(For my non-bloggy friends out there, you can scroll to the bottom of any page for more info, searching, subscriptions and some links that I like.)


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