Update on my experience using CanvasWorld

When I wrote this post about my experience ordering from CanvasWorld, I promised I’d post a follow-up whether or not the problems with my canvas print got resolved and how things went.  At the time of that post, I’d just contacted Canvas World and they’d told me to send pics of the problems, which I did, on October 9th.  The problems were an odd bumpy and wavy area at the bottom right corner and the entire top right half was wavy – it was a poor mounting.

On October 12th I received an email reply from them, notifying me that they’d  forwarded my email with the pics ‘to their design them, and they’d notify me of the next course of action’.  There wasn’t any form of apology or even apologetic innuendo, so  I figured, *sigh*…alright, we’ll see what happens.  They didn’t seem to be in a big hurry or thrilled that there was a problem needing to be addressed.

The turnaround time for my initial order had been super fast – I ordered on a Sunday and my print arrived on Friday – so when I didn’t hear from them after a few days I figured at best I’d have to pack up the print & ship it back, which would’ve been a bit of a pain because it’s 30×40, but I had held onto all of the packing materials and the box so it would’ve been do-able.

As the intervening time went by, I noticed that the canvas waviness at the top right half was gradually settling down and eventually it improved by about 70%.  I assume the frame was settling, evening out the canvas.  But although it was no longer ‘horrible’ it still wasn’t acceptable, and although the canvas waviness at the bottom right had almost completely resolved with the (presumed) frame settling, there were still several hard lumps right behind the canvas – so I concluded this was a poor mounting job as well as a poorly made frame.  Not very confidence-inspiring….

I came home from work on Friday the 19th and with shock and awe, saw a CanvasWorld box at my front door!  They’d sent me an email on the 18th notifying me of a shipment but being tied up with work I hadn’t seen it, and even if I had I wouldn’t have expected the print to arrive the next day!

I’ve been very tied up with work so this weekend was my first opportunity to devote enough attention to opening up the box, and to tell you the truth, to prepare myself for potential disappointment and possibly having to deal with further problems.  Last night I took the new print out of the box and was extremely happy to see that it is perfect!  I saw the back first as I was removing it from the box and could immediately tell that the mounting was done differently than the first one was – this one is nice and tight, with plenty of staples, evenly spaced, etc.  It felt more solid immediately.  I took it out of the plastic wrapping and hung it right away and I am very pleased with it – it’s beautiful and the frame and mounting seem professionally done, whereas the first one looked and felt like it would if I’d have done it myself.

I’d give them 4.75 stars, because the end result is a very beautiful print, mounted professionally.  I’ll order from them again, and will recommend them.  All things considered, while the customer service wasn’t perfect because I’d prefer better communication and it wouldn’t have hurt for them to acknowledge with some hint of apology, all is well in the end!  (Not that I needed an apology, especially since I didn’t have to go to the trouble of sending the first print back so it didn’t really inconvenience me, but I guess it surprised me because most companies throw in some kind of acknowledgement because they recognize it really is disappointing to receive a poor product.)

I’m very happy with the replacement, so thumbs-up for CanvasWorld!  For anyone out there considering ordering canvas prints, give them a try.  I usually go through SmugMug for large prints because they’re one of the few who allow you to order without “adjustments” made to photos, and I do not want adjustments done.  Canvas prints through SmugMug are expensive and are way out of my price range for frame mounted…and when I emailed a simple question to them I got a snarky response.   All of CanvasWorld prints come mounted on frames, and you get more choices for frame size, types/color of borders, etc.   Their website is well organized and ordering is super easy and fast.  Delivery is fast, they’re affordable, and you can order without adjustments made to your photos.  It’s kind of perfect….


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