My First Foray Into Canvas Prints

I’ve been lax in updating this blog with new photos for a while, but I promise, I will come back to it and start uploading soon!

This post is about my first endeavor into having a photo printed on canvas rather than paper.  I was a bit nervous, especially because I needed something large – which translates into $$$.  I decided to use CanvasWorld rather than my reliable SmugMug not only because it was more affordable, but because the Howard Stern compound area at Sirius/XM has a lot of CanvasWorld prints hanging in the hallways, and the staff raves about them.  (Do the staff rave because CanvasWorld is a sponsor of the show, or because they provide great products and service?)

Awesomely, I placed the order on Sunday and the canvas print arrived the following Friday.  Cool!  That kind of turnaround was a big plus.  Unfortunately, the results were less than stellar.

I wasn’t super frustrated as in, I-hate-this-and-want-to-throw-it-through-the-window, but it is disappointing when you spend months deciding on the photo you want to use, go through the prep work and then finally grit your teeth and place the order, and then everything isn’t perfect when you receive it.

First, I should have ordered with black edges rather than wrapped edges.  I actually spent a lot of time doing my best to “make sure” it would look best wrapped.  I now know that loss of even small areas can make a difference, but it’s hard to know what all to look for until you make this kind of mistake.  I think I’ll know better in the future, whichever company I go with for my next canvas print.

This is the photo I chose:

Original photo

This is how it looks on the wall. It’s 30×40, and is intended to be the focal point of the wall.  You may not notice what’s different between the original and the canvas on the wall, other than the photo in general has less interest…there’s something a bit strange about it, and it’s less pleasant to look at.  The difference is due to the change in composition because of the wrap.  It’s unbalanced.  (The colors aren’t washed out like they appear in the photos below, I have crappy indoor lighting and didn’t have the time to adjust levels just for this purpose.)

canvas hanging on the wall

Here’s a close-up how the canvas looks with the wrap.  The small amount lost to the wrap, especially with the top plant, affects the focal points of the photo.  The photo is about the three major plants, but with the wrap the photo is about two plants with kinda part of a third.  The composition is directly effected by the wrap.

on the wall

Okay, so choosing the wrapped edges was my fault.  And the quality of the colors and the print are terrific – kinda beautiful.


The biggest, and the unacceptable problem is there is sagging in the framing done on the canvas.  I hung it on Saturday and right out of the plastic wrapping I noticed that at the bottom right edge the canvas hadn’t been pulled tight – it was wavy.  (This is the only lighting I could get to adequately show the problem in a photo, but it’s obvious viewing it in real life.)

bottom right - wavy

That evening I noticed that the entire right half at the top was wavy – the entire thing obviously was not framed well.

Canvas top right half wavy

I called CanvasWorld yesterday and told them about the problems and that I took some pictures, and they told me to send them the pics and they’d decide on how they would rectify the problem.

Wish me luck.  This isn’t the type of expense I can afford more than rarely, and it’ll drive me crazy looking at it if it’s not fixed.

I’ll post an update if/when the issue gets resolved.

[Here’s the update describing how the issue was resolved.]


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