2009 Calendar

This was my third calendar, and  I was still using Paint Shop Pro (I had Photoshop Elements 2, but assumed it would be as big of a pain with as few resources online as PSP so I never even delved into it – you don’t have to tell me how dumb that was).  Something about the calendar that year just didn’t…fit right.  When I look at the photos as a whole I see there is a sort of flow missing (which is hopefully only discernible to me since each photo has meaning for me).

Anyway, I think the problem was time limitations.  My heart wasn’t in it while I was working on it, and I think it’s because I didn’t start on it early enough.  I usually take at least a couple of months to select the photos I want to use, then 2-4 more weeks to get the post-processing done, and I think I did this entire calendar in 2-3 weeks.

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About L.W. Moore

No fancy equipment...just passion.
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