2007 Calendar

This is the first calendar I created…I worked on it in 2006 using Paint Shop Pro.  Not only has affordable photo editing software come a long way in 4 years, but to be honest I would start falling asleep every time I tried going through PSP tutorials so I gave up and winged it…I had little idea of what I was doing.  There wasn’t much advanced and expert user help readily available online for PSP, and even now, while you can immediately find dozens of online blogs and tutorials for Photoshop, PSP remains under-represented.

Anyway, I spent enormous amounts of time accomplishing relatively little, but you have to start somewhere.  And it was fun!  I’d been using primarily 35mm film cameras up until a year or less prior to this, so to work on a project like this was pretty interesting for me.  Some of these are from scans of older prints with flash blowout, etc.

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About L.W. Moore

No fancy equipment...just passion.
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